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Start of the 2015 Direct Admission Exercises

Dear All,

The "2015 Direct Admission Exercises" for direct admission to secondary schools is commencing. Students intereseted in applying may start to do so from this month. Please click on the link below to read the press release.


Thank You

48 Days Countdown to the 28th SEA Games: Compassvale Primary School

Dear All,

Below is the link to the video for SEA Games countdown number 48 from Compassvale Primary School.

View LINK.

Thank You

2015 PSLE Examination Timetable

Click here to view file.

Launch Of New Communication Application: SNAAPP

Dear Parents/Guardian
Compassvale Primary School will be launching a new communication application, SNAAPP with effect
from 19 January 2015, Monday.​ 
For technical enquiries on how to set up your SNAAPP App, please click on the link.

P6 Assessment Scope

Click here to view file.

P5 Assessment Scope

Click here to view file.

P4 Assessment Scope

Click here to view file.

P3 Assessment Scope

Click here to view file.

Book List for 2015

Dear Parents & Students,
The Book List for year 2015 is ready for viewing. Click here to view.

Millennia Kids Program 2015

"Healthy Living is for Everyone- A Collaboration Music Video with Sengkang Health" Check out Compassvalites and teachers in the video!



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