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MOE Update for Schools related to haze

Dear Parents and Guardians,  We wish to inform you that Primary and Secondary schools will reopen on Monday (Sept 28  2015) unless the 24-hour PSI forecast  on Sunday (27 Sept) indicates that a hazardous level of haze is expected.   If so, MOE will consider closing schools again. Parents will be informed...

FAS 2016

Dear All, Please read below for details on the MOE Financial Assistance and Bursary Schemes 2016.      

《乐学华文 点亮心灯》校际交流活动

Dear All, Please click HERE to view the School Newsletter  on Malawi. Thank You

Launch of SG50 Home e-book app

The SG 50 Home e-book was launched yesterday.  It is a birthday gift from all students to Singapore.  Simply download the e-book app by searching “SG50 HOME” on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store in your handphone. Compassvale Primary School Home Story can be found in the e-book as well.   ...

Calendar of Events 2015

Please view the CVPS School Calendar for year 2015 below   {googlecalendar}

Student Website for Library Books

Dear Pupils, Below is the link for CVPS School Library Website. Thank You.

Chingay Preview Show

Dear All, The Chingay Preview show, Facebook photo with SMS Indranee can be viewed at the LINK. Thank You.

Parents Briefing Slides 2015

Primary 4 Parents Briefing Slides 2015 Primary 5 Parents Briefing Slides 2015  

Associate Parents Volunteer

Dear Parents/Guardian, Please click here for details of the 40 hours Associate Parent Volunteers (APVs) scheme for children (SCs/SPRs) born in 2010. Selection of APVs is based on school needs. Thank you

Information for Parents as communicated …

Dear Parents/Guardians, Please click here to download Information communicated to Parents/Guardians on Primary 1 Orientation day. Thank you.

Millennia Kids Program 2015

"Healthy Living is for Everyone- A Collaboration Music Video with Sengkang Health" Check out Compassvalites and teachers in the video!

Launch Of New Communication Application:…

Dear Parents/Guardian,   Compassvale Primary School will be launching a new communication application, SNAAPP with effect from 19 January 2015, Monday. For technical inquiries on how to set up your SNAAPP App, refer  "SNAAPP Parent Brochure", (copy can be requested from school). Refer SNAAPP App Parents Briefing Q&A for further details on SNAAPP App.  

NEU PC Plus Programme Enhancements &…

The NEU PC Plus Programmed offers students and persons with disabilities from low income household the opportunity to own a brand new computer at an affordable price. Enquiries For enquiries, you may email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 6684 8858. Application Form Type For Student and Person with Disabilities PC-Bundle Scheme  Application Form (PCB) PC-Bundle Scheme for MOE-FAS Recipient  ApplicationForm(PCB)MOE_FAS Broadband...



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